A Complete Guide to Hydrating Your Minecraft World

Overview: What is Just a Minecrafter’s Day Like?

“Minecrafter’s Day” is a parody of the popular game Minecraft that was created by an Australian YouTuber, who goes by the name “Grum”.

The story follows Roger, who wakes up in his house on a typical warm and sunny day. He starts to think about how he ended up playing Minecraft for so long, and why he enjoys it so much. Running out of water and getting bored with life leads him to think about how he can make his world more interesting.

As a result, Roger decides to change his world into one with more water. The idea of hydration became his new obsession as he believes that it will make things more interesting in the world around him- which turns out to be true as well!

The story ends with Roger returning home after a long day of hydration. Roger then says that he is “not sure what Just a Minercrafter’s day like, but mine definitely involves lots and lots of water”.

How much farmland can one water block hydrate?

Just how much land can be turned into farmland with the power of one Water Block (not to be confused with a water source block)? The answer: about 30 by 30 blocks. To make things easier, we will refer to the size of one Water Block as “one square”.

You will need: A stack (20), a water bucket, and one Fire Aspect II sword (or an axe or shovel that has the enchantment) to speed up the hydration process.

Creating a reservoir for your water blocks is highly recommended if you want to hydrate more than just one square. By collecting water and placing it into a reservoir, you can then transport your water by using the buckets and placing the transported water into your desired location.

How to: Hydrate Your Minecraft World

Step 1: Create a rectangular path three blocks tall and two blocks wide with an open top for the Fire Aspect II sword to be able to reach the bottom of the water source.

Step 2: Fill in the other end with any kind of dirt, grass, or whatever other material you would like your land to consist of.

Step 3: Place a mark on both ends of this path where one square is next to a block that won’t be replaced by the water. This is where you will start your Water Bucket chain.

Step 4: Light up this area and let it burn for a while, preferably until all of the nearby water is gone.

Step 5: If you are hydrating land that has mobs on it, wait until they have burned as well before picking them up with your Water Bucket.

Step 6: Collect all of the dropped items, as there will be some that are only obtainable with a sword. This includes String, Spider Eyes, Gunpowder, Blaze Powder, Gold Nuggets, Ghast Tear(s), Flint(s), and many other items.

Step 7: Place a water block where the mark was placed in Step 3 and collect the dropped items, as well as any other loot that has been left behind. You can also use this time to turn your path into farmland by replacing the blocks with dirt, grass, clay, etc.

Step 8: Place the water blocks along your path in any order you want. You can make curves, straight paths, or anything else you desire.

Conclusion What is the Best Method of Making a Hydrated Materials List in Minecraft?

Making a materials list for your hydrated water in Minecraft is important because if you don’t have a materials list, you can’t build anything.

The best way to make a materials list for your hydrated water is to use an in-game command. The command that makes an inventory of all the items that are currently in your inventory and also generates a materials list text file containing all the items’ names and quantities with their locations.